Founder’s Message

(l-r Ann-Marie Lee-Wikins & Sr. Patricia-Ann “Patsy” Douglas)

Message from Founder and President, Ann-Marie Lee-Wilkins
Welcome! It is not by chance that you are here on the faith-based Patsy Douglas’ Youth Empowerment Foundation website. It is for a reason and a purpose. Do not leave this site until you fulfill your purpose—whether it is to be served or to be of service.

None of us were born with morals and standards they were taught to us through people sharing with us time, words and lives lived as examples. Productive and good citizens in the world today are this way because our parents, guardians, and/or teachers who took time to instill what we needed to help us believe in the myriad of possibilities for our lives.

In most of the Caribbean islands, a good education is a ticket out of poverty. Sr Pat was a firm believer in this philosophy. She left no stone unturned when it came to helping children. Everyone who was placed in her orbit went away a changed person. Those who did not—chose not to change on their own, not on God’s or Sr Pat’s accord.

I am who I am today because of the Grace of God, my parents and Sr Pat. Twenty three years ago, September 1982, with a crushed self-esteem and labeled “dunce” by my teachers and peers, my parents took me out of a low academic high school and took me to St. Joseph Convent School Marriaqua, which was considered to be high on academics. Sr Pat, the school’s principal believed in giving people second chances. She took in two other high school girls and me. Sr Pat not only broke tradition, but she made history when she did this. We were the pioneers for Sr Pat, who then took in many other students from low academic high school.

Like a shelter from the storm, Sr Pat’s umbrella of faith in God and belief in the potential of island’s youth, instilled confidence, self-worth, ambition, and faith in me. I never looked back. I finished High School and entered Nursing School. After graduation, I entered the Convent in St. Lucia. From there I went to Nazareth Collage in Rochester NY, where I obtained a degree in nursing with distinction. Now, I am a United States citizen living in Maryland and working as a Nurse Manager at a prestigious and world renowned healthcare institution.

Each of us are who we are today because of the influence in our lives be it positive or negative. I plead with you to get on board with our foundation and work toward our world becoming a better place by helping our underprivileged youths and pregnant teenage mothers in the state of Maryland in the U.S. and in St .Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies.

I witnessed what one woman was able to accomplish. Sr Patricia Ann Douglas impacted and transformed many lives in St .Vincent and the Grenadines during her 25 years of service to a people who learned to love her dearly. Just imagine what we can do—together—to transform lives.

Our ultimate goal as the Patsy Douglas Foundation is carrying forward her legacy by being a bridge of hope to youths in the world. We must start somewhere, I chose to begin in my second home Maryland and my birth home St .Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ann-Marie Lee-Wilkins